Sunday, May 8, 2016

Alaska double rifle shoot,May 7, 2016.

Here are a few photos of the rifles at our latest double shoot.
Good weather, good food, good friends, great rifles. All make a super day.

Hank's 500 nitro

Hank's 8-bore

I forgot the caliber of Hank's fine single shot

Cal brought 10 doubles, from left: 4-bore Hughes, 8-bore Locke, .500 ne Watson, 12-bore Whistler, .600 Wilkes, .450-400 Harrison and Hussey, .450 no2 Lang, .350 no2 Rigby, .450 Rielly bpe, .500 no2 Gye and Moncrief with 12-bore barrels, too.

Dave's 8-bore Westley Richards is the only muzzle rifled 8 WR made (Paradox style)

Dave's fine .577 ne Westley

Ron's .303, .577 nitro, .577 light nitro

Ron's .577 ne, .577 light niter, .375 flanged

Rob's 8-bore and 10-bore and young Daniel's BB double

Rob's .577 Howdah

Rob's Thompson, 4-bore single, and ??

We won't mention this one

Some of Rob's toys

Cal's ammo, 4-bore, 8-bore, and .500 Watson Brothers once owned by Jack Lott

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