Monday, May 9, 2016

May 7 update and double shoot

Not much to write about until now as I've been building an addition on the my house for my mother to move in as she is getting up in years a bit. In April I drove to the People's Socialist Republic of Taxachusetts to bring her and her belongings back to AK towing a horse trailer. Made it back a few days before the May 7 AK double shoot. Please look to the Double Rifle pages to see pics of the rifles at the shoot. Great fun.

On the way down I stopped in Kansas to hunt turkey with some good friends but it was a bit early in the season and the males were not coming to the calls. Oh well, next year.

I may be getting some black powder express doubles in this summer so if you are in the market for anything, let me know. Should be 12-bore rifle, .577-500--both the magnum and no2, .500 and 450 bpe.

In July I'm off to Zimbabwe with a mate from Anchorage. He is after plains game for his first safari and I will seek bull elephant and plains game with my beloved .600 Wilkes. I will keep you updated.

Last of all, check out the new posts of double rifles added to the page of the same title. Outstanding rifles, all.
Until next time.
PS. Also, the African Hunter magazine has gone through a complete makeover and is a sight to behold.  If you don't subscribe already, please do so and show support for this, the finest of all African magazines.

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