Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Westley Richards .500 NE double for sale

A mate from Accurate Reloading has notified me he has a .500 Nitro Express by the famous Westley Richards for sale. It is priced very well for a nitro rifle as it has the exposed hammers and under lever action. Many feel the hammers and under levers were out of vogue when hammerless designs came into being. Well, that's not really so. Hammerless designs were developed in the 1880s and hammer rifles and shotguns were popular for the next 20+ years. Why? Folks liked the old style and the hammer rifles are 100% silent to reload. The ledgers of the London and Birmingham makers show many orders for hammer rifles and shotguns well into the hammerless era. Anyway, this rifle has been refurbished, shoots very well, and comes with dies and brass. For 14,000$, one can't go wrong with a vintage double, from a famous maker, and in a full nitro express cartridge. The .500 nitro is perhaps the most sought after double today for big game hunting but many shy away from one due to the excessive price. Now, I have no stake in this sale but can recommend this rifle long before you shell out the same money for a modern European double, or 1/3 this amount on a Sabatti, or 1/10th this amount on a Baikal in .45-70. If you want more info, email me and I will put you in contact with the owner as well as email you more photos. This would make a fine piece for your next African hunt or, if you are a PH, a classy vintage double from WR in an excellent caliber.

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