Monday, August 1, 2016

Update August 1, 2016

A good summer to all of you.
Just returned two days ago from Zimbabwe. First off, let me say the country is safe and peaceful. No problems anywhere and food and fuel are plentiful. Police road blocks are passed through quickly and politely.

I visited with Ant Williams of the African Hunter magazine. It is the best there is and I would encourage all to subscribe. The AH has gone through a major makeover--double the previous size as to page count and all glossy paper.  Also visited with the Whitehead family in Chiredzi. Greatest people on earth, Gerry and Rose, but such a shame they lost their ranch in the land takeover 15 years ago.  Then four wonderful days on a tobacco farm east of Harare with Peiter and Christelle Pasques. Lifelong friends with a great family of two beautiful daughters.

However, I was there to hunt elephant with my .600 with PH Wayne van der Berghe. Great guy and PH. The elephant had moved out of the area so we spent some time looking for plains game. My best trophy was the waterbuck pictured below. A vintage .600 is not a plains game rifle by any standard but it is great fun to shoot and take game but not much fun any longer to carry it!

August 13 is the next Alaska double rifle shoot and all are welcome. 10am at the Birchwood range.

Forgot to mention, I saw two wonderful doubles whilst in Zim--a .450-400 double rifle and a 12-bore shotgun by Westley Richards. Both are well-worn from decades of use in the Zim bush but I will work to obtain them as they have a wonderful history of Zim written in each scratch and point of wear.

Off for caribou the end of August and for elk in Idaho the second week of October.
Cheers, all.

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