Sunday, September 4, 2016

Army and Navy .577-450 bpe

A friend sent pics of an fantastic A&N double in a fairly rare caliber (for a double) .577-450. I don't have any specifications, but here are a few photos.

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Unknown said...


This little Rifle is a sweetheart and it fires the extremely rare 577-450 BPE which is the long chamber version of the famous short camber round you find in the military Martini Henry.

A picture of the 577-450 BPE was mistakenly shown and can be seen in the military section of the 8th edition of Barnes Cartridges of the world.

A chamber cast will show a medium tapered .577 case with a pronounced neck about 3/4" back from the case mouth at cal. 45. The Case is a full 2-3/4" long thus earning it the title of Express.

I will dig out my copy of the 8th edition of COTW, the only one in which this switch-a-roo appears, and post some specs... I think it also appears in the British Sporting section in this edition if memory serves.

I enjoy the posts you send along very much, thanks.

JT Coyoté

Unknown said...


An addendum to my post above:

The 577/450-BPE cartridge in the COTW picture looks very much like a 577/500 2 3/4" BPE only the business end is just a tad slimmer. Both were examples of the drawn Bottle-Neck craze that took hold in England in the early 1870's.

A lot of interesting stuff was going on in the years following the introduction by Westley Richards of the drawn bottle necked 500/450 #2 to augment and then supersede the coiled 500/450 #1... quickly entering the drawn bottleneck race came Alexander Henry's scale up of the 500/450 #2 to a whopping 20/577 BPE... and others even larger, 16ga and 12ga bottle neck offerings were tested. All were challenging the Big "Bore" Gun's dominance of the Dark Continent...

If your friend is planing to fire this gem a chamber cast is in order and a list of the discovered dimensions published here would be fantastic.

Thanks again.


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