Monday, October 24, 2016

Update October 24, 2016

Good day, all.
The May shoot is in the planning stages now and will be the first or second weekend in May, 2017. I will post on the forums and here when the date is decided. The shoot will be at the Birchwood range at 10am. Lunch will be served. Expect 30-40 to show up (including 10-15 regulars) and 40-60 double rifles there for all to shoot.

Also in the planning stages is my next trip to Zimbabwe. I will take a .350 no2 by Rigby and Jack Lott's .500 NE (both doubles, of course). I'm too old to lug around the .600!

After a good caribou hunt this past August I went on an elk hunt in Idaho with Selkirk Outfitters. The good things about the hunt were nice conservative folks, food to die for, and wonderful accommodations. That is where it ends. The hunt was the lamest hunt one can imagine. Nothing but road hunting close to the lodge with a couple of long drives to the east side of Priest Lake. However, most of the driving and short walks on Forest Service roads was within a mile or two from the lodge. Hunters everywhere, campers, motor homes, atvs, trailers, etc. With all the road hunters, there was absolutely zero elk to shoot. A few cows were seen feeding on the neighbor's lawns, and when we were about to walk to get a closer look at a young bull at the last light a fella pulled up in a pickup and yelled, "Is that an elk? Is that an elk?" and fired behind us and to our side (he missed). No male whitetail, no male mule deer, no bear, no cats, no coyotes. Absolutely nothing. The booking agent, Mark Young, introduced me to Selkirk (I didn't book with him as his contract was 11 pages of legal nonsense) emailed that I could expect a 6x6 or larger as lots of elk were in the area. That was blowing sunshine up my backside, that is for sure. Didn't see anything, didn't hear any bugling. An absolute waste of money. A young guide there told me 10 hunters preceded me in the bow and muzzle loading season and only one got a bull--a 5x5. So, with me, it is 1 elk and 11 hunters, or about 8%. If you are looking for an elk, I would suggest you look elsewhere.

This winter will see me developing loads for a 10-bore double and also a .577 bpe which I just purchased. A friend is selling a few doubles as he is moving out of the country and I will keep you posted on that situation.
Cheers, all, and thanks for looking at my site.

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