Tuesday, December 13, 2016

December 13, 2016 update

Good day, all.
-20 for the past few weeks so my powder coating experimentation is on hold until a low pressure front moves in and brings the temps up. When I get the load data as well as cohronograph data I will post here and also on Accurate Reloading forums.

Also, I just purchased a .577 Hollis bpe double (3-inch) and will take pics soon and post here. Our double shoot is set in stone for May 6 at te Birchwood range. Many from the flatlands of the Lower 48 are joining us. Remember all are invited. Shooting begins at 10, lunch is at noon, and more shooting after the meal.

Trying to decide on 2017 Africa hunts. A Zim hunt was cancelled so I will be looking to Zim again and maybe a plains game hunt in South Africa to try out my .350 no2 Rigby.

Not much to write in the dead of a cold dark winter here but after some shooting I will be here again soon. Please send in your double rifle pics and thanks all for looking.


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