Saturday, February 4, 2017

12-bore double rifle for sale

Up for your consideration is my 12-bore double rifle by Whistler. Made about 1870, this 12 is quite heave at 11 pounds and fully rifled for a round ball. Teh powder charge is not given but I would guress 5-7 drams (136-192 grains) and a ball of 593 grains. Barrels are 26", express sights, sling eyes. Bores are semi bright, rifling is good and strong. Hammers are non-rebounding, wedge forend fastener, steel butt plate. This is the most accruate double I own--six shots in one ragged hole at 35 yards was shot at the 2016 double shoot here in Alaska with a good group of folks watching. I am selling this one as I have another. Shoots 35-40 grains of Blue Dot, 4 drams of FFFg and 5 drams of FFg with equal accuracy! Note the amount and quality of engraving!! Price SOLD.

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