Monday, February 13, 2017

.500 no2 bpe historical double rifle

It's time to move my .500 no2 Gye and Moncrieff double rifle/shotgun. Amazing history. You can read the details in the double rifles pages of my blog. Basically, a double rifle with original shotgun barrels, in the original two-tiered case with all the cleaning accessories and reloading tools imaginable. Rifle barels are 26" and the shotgun barrels are 32" with 2 1/2" chambers. This rifle has it all: cased, accessories, tools, complete history. This unique set won't be cheap but it is nearly one-of-a-kind. Note the engraving. Missing the name plate in the butt stock. I have many more pics if you would like them. I have some brass, also. She shoots well and I have shot clays with the shotgun barrels.
Price is $18,500.

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