Monday, February 13, 2017

February 14 update

Sorry for the delay in posting. My computer had a virus and it took away my ability to get to the edit page of my blog. Please check out the for sale pages and I've offered several nice rifles for sale and also one from a friend. 16-bore Westley Richards project gun, a .458 Model 70, a stunning .375 H&H takedown by Cogswell and Harrison, a .500 no2 historical double, 12-bore double, 10-bore double, and a friend's .500 no2 double.

I'd like to thank you all for your interest in my three books. They are selling well and it is my pleasure to sign them for each of you and also I've included lead bullets for my 4-bore just for giggles.

One more gun show in early March and then spring is around the corner. Lots of bullet casting and powder coating. By early summer I should have complete ballistic data for my doubles and powder coated bullets.

The Alaska double rifle shoot is on target for May 6. All are welcome. Please email me at for details. All are welcome. We shoot 10am to noon, break for an hour and grill some burgers and dogs, and shoot for another hour or two. At 4 is a get together in Anchorage for the shooters--just snacks and byob drinks. It is also the weekend of the AGCA gun show in Palmer if you want to take that in.

I will take some day trips to the Denali Highway for grizzly in late May and June (.450 no2 or .500) and then off to Africa in July. Plans are not set yet but I hope for elephant in Zim (.600) or plains game in South Africa (.350 no2) and then to visit friends in Zim for another week. August will see caribou in the Talkeetna Mts. (.450-400 or .577 bpe).

Cheers all and please send me pics of your doubles and your double rifle hunting pics for posting here. If any of you are interested in hunting South Africa or Zim, feel free to email and I'd be pleased to assist. I don't hunt much in the States but can definately recommend where NOT to go for elk!! (Unless, of course, you like road hunts with dozens of vehicles and 100+ hunters seen in the week you are there).

Until next time.

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