Saturday, February 4, 2017

Westley Richards 16-bore project gun

As the title says this light 16 is a project gun. The gun is loose on the face and needs hinge pin work. This is not a problem for a good 'smith. The big thing is long ago a 2" section of the left barrel was blown out and replacement steel welded in. The added piece is twist or Damascus so it was done long ago. It is in there solidly but needs external filing to make it flush with the remainder of the barrels. The good news is there is enough barrel wall thickness so the exterior filing and a honing of the bore can be done (bores are rough). It's a project gun for sure but what a beauty it was when it was new and could be that way again. 30" barrels, non-ejector, very fine engraving. Made in 1889 and sold in France. Heel and toe plates and an outstanding piece of wood. OR--have new barrels made!! Weight is 6 pounds.
If this was a nice 16 it would be $7500. As this is a project is it priced right at $1600.

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