Wednesday, March 22, 2017

.450-400 double, unknown maker, rough shape but a dimond in the rough

A gent from overseas found this .450-400 well-used double for a very reasonable price. It needs a major facelift, makeover if you will, but is easily restorable to its original glory. Excuse the photos, but they are all I was sent when asked to evaluate this rifle for purchase. For the price quoted, I gave the rifle a strong thumbs up. They are out there--doubles that collectors would turn down but will make fine shooters for the rest of us.

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uthiele said...

Hello, this rifle has been a rifle of F. Beesley, 2 St. James Street, London. It should be the Beesley who invented the Purdey self opening mechanism.
The website has pictures of better size and is available under:
Perhaps the seller allows reproduction of the photos.

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