Wednesday, May 17, 2017

2017 Alaska Double Shoot

Good day, all.
The 2017 Alaska double shoot was a great success. Gents came up from the Lower 48, Ukraine, and England to join the AK gents. 50 doubles, great food and fun for all. From now on, the shoot will be the first Saturday in May. Now you can plan to attend well into the future. Here are some pics:

A gent looks over Cal's table. From the bottom up: 4-8-10-12bore, 577 & 450 bpe

Ron's table. Right to left: 577 ne, 450 no2, 375, 450-400.

Rob's table sports a 4-bore single and an 8-bore.

Jonathan aims Cal's 8-bore Locke

Todd's table of Hollands

Hank's .475 no2, .577 Howdah, and a bpe.

Three Howdahs made it to the show.

Cal's table from right: 350 no2, .450-400, .450 no2, .500, .600, .450 bpe, .577 bpe, 12, 10, 8-, 4-bore.

Cal's .600 bites a visitor from North Carolian

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