Friday, October 13, 2017

Uruguay double rifle!

Eduardo Zorilla de San Martin from Uruguay sent these two photos of his lovely .500-450 no1 express double rifle made by Bishop and Company of London. Both the company and a double from Uruguay are firsts for me. Eduardo has owned the rifle for 30 years. Shooting 60 grains of black powder and a 325-grain bullet, it is just the ticket for axis and gama deer and wild boar. He tells me it is easy to get a license and own up to three firearms and there is no limit if one has a collector's lecense (but it is more difficult to get one of those). Auto weapons must be deactivated. Thanks for the pics, Eduardo, and please come to Alaska on May 5 for our AK double rifle shoot! Cal
PS. Barrels are 28 inches and the weight is 8 3/4 pounds.

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