Sunday, July 15, 2018


It's been months since I've posted here as I have beenunable to log onto my site (blog). A good friend who knows about computers figured it out for me so I will be doing some posts on a regualr basis with some photographs.
First, the annual Alaska double rifle shoot went very well with 60+ folks in attendance including 8 from the flatlands of the Lower 48 and two gents from England. 50 or more fine doubles were there including two 4-bores, a few 8s, many bpe doubles, 12 and 10 bores, and a bunch of nitro express doubles from .350 to .600 and everything in between.
Second, in two weeks I depart for South Africa and Zimbabwe with my trusty .600 Wilkes. I'm getting too old to lug this one around in the bush so this will be the old girl's last hunt.
Third, I have taken several of my firearms to the Antique Gallery in Anchorage for sale. I will lis thtem here shortly and if any of you fellas are interested you can contact the gallery. In addition I will be selling an Italin 4-bore double shotgun with extra barrels in 8-bore and also a .50-110 Winchester single shot model 1885 high wall.
Cheers, all, and sorry for the absence.

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Bom dia Amigo você tem a 375 Double Rifle para a venda e o valor,vocês faz a importação deste 375 Double Rifle para o Brasil.

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