Friday, December 7, 2018

A very unique double rifle

A gent from Europe sent me four photos of his double. I must admit in all of my years playign with doubles, I have never seen such a unique double rifle as this. From the owner's email:

The right barrel is in caliber 11,15x65r Lancaster but with a heavier charge of power and a steel jackett bullet. 
The left barrel is .600 nitro express (German proof marks, 7,5 gram and steel jackett bullet). 
The lever under the trigger guard opens the barrels when pushed forwarf. 
When pushed, backward lower trigger cocks the hammers and the rifle is ready to fire. 
The auction is the Schildzapfenverschlu√ü, made Robert Schrader in G√∂ttingen. 
The rifle is maybe for work in the German colonies befor WWI. 
I have all 3 books of yours. 
Best wishes 

Alois S.

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