Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Double Rifle Safari 2019, part I, South Africa

A 100% hunt in South Africa with my .450-400 Harrison and Hussey double rifle, caliber .450-400 3-inch. Made in 1920 it was purchased by teh famous cricket player Douglas Jardine in 1934, the year he was married. Google him for a wonderful story on his bodyline tactic. Jardine was also a big game hunter and was in Rhodesia in 1957. He had cancer and also tick fever and died the following year. 

In South Africa, I hunted with Basie Kuhn the owner of Haakdoorn Safaris and also his manager, Johann Biewenga; both are SA PHs. I took six animals: impala for meat (non trophy), wonderful buffalo at 39" with great bosses, bushbuck, two warthogs (male and female), and a hartebeest at an amazing 25 3/4 inches--well up in Roland Ward. Enjoy the pics and do join me for a 2020 buffalo hunt with Basie and Johann. It's well worth the time and money.

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