Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Double Rifle Safari 2019, part II, Botswana

After a wonderful week in South Africa I flew to maun, Botswana, to hunt for eight days with Jaco Visser of Nkwe Safaris. With 100% honesty I can state I would go no where else for plains game. jaco's concession is a family farm of 90,000 acres and the game is amazing. In three days we coutned over 40 kudu 50 inches and over, with the top two at 58. I will return there for a 60" kudu in a year or two.

Game taken were three warthogs, three gemsbok, two eland bulls, kudu, wildebeest, and impala. Look at the trophy quality of my photos and decide for yourself. Contact me if I can answer any questions. All 11 animals fell to one shot!

Highlights were day 3 for eland. We followed tracks for 90 minutes and came unaware on a group of bulls. I took a nice 37-38" bull. Walking back to the vehicle we spotted a second herd far away. Jaco has so many eland (gemsbok and wildebeest, too) he offered me a second bull at half price. bottom line is by 10 am I had two bulls down..

The next day was even better in gemsbok. I took a nice bull in the morning at 37". That afternoon a second at 39" turned out to be an old cow but with bases so large we thought it a bull. Driving to camp at last light Jaco offered me a third bull for camp meat and no trophy fee. Turns out he was 40 1/2" and an amazing bull! True to his word, Jaco gave me the trophy at no charge!

Enjoy the photos.

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