Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Three Winchesters for sale

I am selling three very nice Winchester lever guns. I know this is for double rifles only but I wish to move the single barrel firearms also. Please forgive me.

Top is a 10-bore Model 1901 shotgun, 32" barrel and choked full. All original. blue is excellent and bore if very good with some pits on the breech end. Price $2250

Third down is a Model 1895 in .405 caliber. Excellent bore, crescent butt, and long Lyman receiver sight. The barrel is original Winchester but a fella told me this rifle letters as a .35. But, the barrel is original Winchester with the correct markings. Who knows? Price $2900

Bottom is a Model 1886 in .45-90. The standard octagon barrel cresent butt, full magazine westery rifle. Great bore and shoots well. Comes with an original 300-grain .45-90 Winchster bullet mould. Traces of case color remain on the receiver. An excellent 1886 in a great caliber! Price $5500

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