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Elmer Keith on Double Rifles- Articles

No doubt about it, Elmer Keith was the greatest advocate of big bore rifles in the last century. Askins, O'Connor, Page, and others wrote a few articles on double rifles but it was Elmer who wrote of large caliber double rifles at length and detail. Here are a few of them.
Big Game Rifles and Cartridges, Ch 4 on double rifles. Samworth, 1936
British Double and Single Rifles. Source and date unknown 
Rifles With Stopping Power. Guns and Ammo. January, 1965
The Deadly Dependable Double. Gun Digest, 1967
Put Your Double Rifle Into Action. Guns and Ammo. November, 1964
Keith on Big Bullets. Source and date unknown
Rifles For Africa. Guns and Ammo. February, 1962
Elmer Keith's Favorite Guns. Guns and Ammo. December, 1961
The African Battery. Guns and Ammo. May-June, 1959
Rifles for Dangerous Game. Sports Afield. September, 1956
Keith's Choice of Game Loads. November, 1950. Source unknown

Enjoy these few articles from the greatest!

Big Game Rifles and Cartridges--double rifles

British Double and Single Rifles

Rifles With Stopping Power

The Deadly Dependable Double

Put Your Double Rifle Into Action

Keith on Big Bullets

Rifles for Africa

Elmer Keith's Favorite Guns

The African Battery

Rifles for Dangerous Game

Keith's Choice of Game Loads