Tuesday, April 28, 2015

.600 in process

A mate is having a .600 made to order.  As you can see it's coming along well.

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Bland Euoplia 12-bore

A gent in Europe sent these pics of his Thomas Bland 12-bore Euoplia double. A rare piece with some African history! I don't know the details but the pics will dress up the site!

Friday, April 17, 2015

A bit of shooting at my cabin

Good day from the warmest spring in history in Alaska. I did a bit of shooting and the results are fair to middling. The rifles, however, are outstanding. A Watson Brothers .500 nitro express that once belonged to Jack Lott and a Whistler 12-bore double. The .500 dates from 1907 and the 12-bore from the late 1870s. The .500 was loaded with 112 grains of IMR 4831 and a Woodleigh soft and the 12 was three drams or 110 grains of FFFg and a 590-grain soft lead spherical ball. For your enjoyment the results are below. Before I sign off, remember our first double rifle shoot of the year is May 2, 10am, at the Birchwood range. Cheers, mates. Cal

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

April 9, 2015 Update

Good day all.
The warmest spring in Alaska's history follows the warmest winter ever up here and shooting is under way. I bought a Do All Raven trap and now shoot clays at my home (I really suck at it) and it is great fun. Shooting doubles is coming along well with a few mates stopping by to shoot my rifles or to bring their own. Speaking of shooting, the Alaska double rifle men will have their first yearly shoot May 2 at 10 am at the Birchwood range east of Anchorage. All are welcome.

On my for sale page on this site is a Bland .577 for sale for a very reasonable price. I'm surprised it has not sold. Here is a target a friend shot last week here at my home range. He played with the bead in the rear leaf and his bullets climbed toward center. If he held consistent all shots would have been in one ragged hole at 35 yards.

Thank you all for your book orders. It is my honor to sign each and every one for you. Also, please send in your double rifle pics and also hunting trophies taken with doubles. I'd like to keep adding to the site. last of all, keep the emails coming as I enjoy talking to like minded men and answering any double rifle questions you may have. The past two days emails from Chicago and Kentucky have proved most interesting.

I will update again after our shoot with some photos and shortly after that in May and June I will be taking my 4 wheeler up to the Denali Highway searching for a spring grizzly. Rifle of choice will be Jack Lott's .500 nitro Watson Brothers double. I want to take some game with it before putting it on the market.

Cheers, all.

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

March 10, 2015 update

Good day, all.
Spring has sprung early in Alaska and the shooting continues full time. The Palmer Lions gun show last weekend was an excellent show and I have a couple of promising bites on my .500 and .577; both bpe doubles. Check out the for sale page to see three rifles I have put up for sale. One is a Holland Royal from 1889, seen below. April will see a trip to Kansas for turkey hunting and I'm on the fence as to taking an international hunt in June or July. In May and June I will take my .500 nitro to the Denali Highway for grizzly bear and September will see a caribou, moose and bear hunt with a .450-400. August will, of course, see me waking daily with my black lab looking for grouse with a 12-bore Roland Watson double. Thanks for looking and please send in your pics of double rifles and game taken with them. Cheers, Cal

Holland and Holland .500 3 1/4" Royal

I bought this .500 bpe 3 1/4" Holland and Holland Royal as a keep-for-life purchase. However, I have too many doubles and must selectively part with some. Below you will see my .577 and 8-bore Jeffery for sale, I have a few more I will post a bit later on and show them at local gun shows. Now, I'd like to add this Holland. Specifications are as follows and are called out by the factory letter: 26-inch barrels, bead front sight with night sight, three leaf rear sight, extended top strap, non ejector, recoil pad, made in 1889 for Boyd Alexander and his name is on the silver oval. Comes with the original case, two books by Boyd's son and a third book about Boyd Jr., two notebooks of support documents of both the father and son, and a letter form Holland. Boyd Jr. was killed in 1907--he was speared to death by natives whist on safari. Great history here. Bore are about perfect, bluing is good and some case colors remain. Scope and claw mounts were added later--maybe from the 1920s from the style of the scope. Rifle is very accurate with 56-grains of IMR 4198 and a 440-grain cast or Woodeigh soft point bullet. Letter from Holland refers to this rifle as a Royal!

This double has it all--condition, maker, history, original case! Price will follow shortly. If you're interested please email at:       Yes, she will be a bit expensive but you get what you pay for. For the few of you, please refrain from the emails stating something like, "I can get a Sabatti .500 full nitro for $4,000." I've received these in the past and, like I stated, you get what you pay for. Enjoy the web site. Cal

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Cogswell and Harrison .450 cordite double

Clive Rew of the UK sent these pics of his new treasure. An outstanding Cogswell and Harrison .450 cordite double that was completed on October 24, 1906. A heavy rifle at 13 pounds and 11 ounces and proved for a 440-grail bullet and 65 grains of cordite. I hope she shoots as well as she looks, Clive. Thanks.

Alaska double rifle shoot

Below are six photos from the double rifle shoot in Alaska on May 4th. Typical Alaska spring day: 35 degrees, rain, spitting snow. Great burgers, chips, pop, fine double rifles, and friends. A few machine guns showed up to add to the show. Below are:
Ron's .577 A&N, .450 no2 Webley & Scott, .500 bpe Reilly
Chuck's .450 A&N
Chuck's .500 Boswell
Rob with two of his 8-bores
Rob's 4-bore Bland
Cal's .450-400 Harrison & Hussey, .500 bpe Reilly, .450 no2 Lang, .600 Wilkes, 8-bore Locke, 4-bore Hughes, .470 Lyon & Lyon.

Size matters! A rising bite Rigby and a 4-bore Rodda. Owned by a gent across the pond.

Perrins 8-bore

Below are three pics of a Perrins 8-bore with 11-groove rifling, a unique 20-inch barrel, and a weight of 19 pounds.

.450 3 1/4" Army and Navy nitro express

A mate whom I will be hunting in South Africa with in a couple of weeks sent in these pics of a .450 3 1/4" Army and Navy nitro express. 28" barrels and extractors with a new refinish, new case (old case if for photos), and has a history of African use: stopping a charging elephant, three buffalo, and a lioness, by the current owner. This rifle is for sale for about 15K.

Dickson 4-bore

A gent in a far off land send these two photos of his Dickson 4-bore. I don't have any additional info and no permission to use his name. However, this is ONEdouble that must be shared.

Holland 12-bore double rifle

Victor Alger sent in this pic of his Holland 12-bore double rifle, proved for a heavy charge of 7 drams and a conical bullet (1:48 twist) as heavy as 1100+ grains.

The Mother of all .600 doubles, Jeffery double .600

Below is the mother of all .600 doubles. The FIRST Jeffery double .600! Lever Over Guard and regulated for the 120-grain charge. An amazing and historical!

E. Paton and Son .450 3 1/4" bpe

E. Paton and Son certainly made a fine double rifle in this .450 3 1/4" bpe. John Moore sent the pics from New Zealand. The bottom photo shows a good illustration of Henry's rifling. The barrels are engraved: London Perth Inverness.

Army and Navy .450 3 1/4 nitro express, Suhl .318

Below is an Army and Navy .450 3 1/4 nitro express with ejectors and 26-inch barrels. Patow has killed some nice buffalo with this beauty.

Below is Patow's Simson of Suhl .318, with ejectors and 26 3/4" barrels.

Cogswell and Harrison

Below is a Cogswell and Harrison in the fairly rare .475 straight 3 1/4". 25-inch barrels, sidelock, non ejector. Another fine rifle in the city of Katherine.

A .256 with 25-inch barrels and a 1.5-4x German scope is on this Cogswell and Harrison double.

John Blanch double in .450 3 1/4. 26-inch barrels

A true work of art is this John Blanch double in .450 3 1/4. 26-inch barrels, ejector and a back action side lock.