Friday, August 31, 2018

Westley .450 no2

Martin O. sent me pics of his lovely Westley Richards-made .450 no2. Sans embellishment she is a working double rifle and if she could talk wht stories she could tell. I don't know the details of the rifle and I'm assisting Martin with reloading as I've been shooting my Lang .450 no2 for close to 20 years. Enjoy the photos.

Sunday, July 15, 2018


It's been months since I've posted here as I have beenunable to log onto my site (blog). A good friend who knows about computers figured it out for me so I will be doing some posts on a regualr basis with some photographs.
First, the annual Alaska double rifle shoot went very well with 60+ folks in attendance including 8 from the flatlands of the Lower 48 and two gents from England. 50 or more fine doubles were there including two 4-bores, a few 8s, many bpe doubles, 12 and 10 bores, and a bunch of nitro express doubles from .350 to .600 and everything in between.
Second, in two weeks I depart for South Africa and Zimbabwe with my trusty .600 Wilkes. I'm getting too old to lug this one around in the bush so this will be the old girl's last hunt.
Third, I have taken several of my firearms to the Antique Gallery in Anchorage for sale. I will lis thtem here shortly and if any of you fellas are interested you can contact the gallery. In addition I will be selling an Italin 4-bore double shotgun with extra barrels in 8-bore and also a .50-110 Winchester single shot model 1885 high wall.
Cheers, all, and sorry for the absence.

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Verney Caron 7x57 rimmed and Kansas whitetail

A very close friend took this wonderful whitetail on his farm in Kansas. The rifle is an outstanding double by Verney Caron in the cartridge 7x57 rimmed, or .275 Rigby rimmed. I can't recall the specs of the rifle but I have shot it and it is as well balanced as the finest English double, very accurate and, of course, very mild recoil. The report is the buck went down immediately, got up, and ran 50 yards and collapsed. This is a wild buck, not a farmed or ranch hunt. Congratulations and thanks for the photo.

Friday, October 13, 2017

Uruguay double rifle!

Eduardo Zorilla de San Martin from Uruguay sent these two photos of his lovely .500-450 no1 express double rifle made by Bishop and Company of London. Both the company and a double from Uruguay are firsts for me. Eduardo has owned the rifle for 30 years. Shooting 60 grains of black powder and a 325-grain bullet, it is just the ticket for axis and gama deer and wild boar. He tells me it is easy to get a license and own up to three firearms and there is no limit if one has a collector's lecense (but it is more difficult to get one of those). Auto weapons must be deactivated. Thanks for the pics, Eduardo, and please come to Alaska on May 5 for our AK double rifle shoot! Cal
PS. Barrels are 28 inches and the weight is 8 3/4 pounds.

Friday, September 29, 2017

Westley .400-360 for sale


A mate on the east coast has this Westley Ruchards box lock .400-360 for sale. I don't know all the details but the pics speak volumes. If I didn't have my Rigby .350 no2 I'd be looking at this one. Actually, I prefer a slower and heavier bullet to a lighter and faster one. Enjoy the photos and if you develop an interst in this fine double, email me and I'll put in contact with James W. Price is $12,000.
Thanks for looking and I'll post this in both the double rifles page and the for sale page. Cal.

Saturday, September 16, 2017

George Gibbs .450 NE

A mate in the fine state I moved to Alaska from (Vermont) sent me pics of his .450 nitro Gibbs and a wonderful cape buffalo and wildebeest to took this summer in Africa. The Gibbs' 28" barrels give excellent accuracy and velocity. Contratulation to Robert R. for a successful hunt and a great double rifle.

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Newton .500 bpe

Francis Lombardi of Foxtrot Sporting in upstate New York sent me these photos of an amazing double he has for sale. I don't know the specs but you can call Francis at 315-373-5850 for the details and also visit his website. (I just purchased a .577 Manton bpe from Francis and enjoyed very much doing business with him). All I know is in the title--a Newton .500 bpe. Look at the engraving and the wood to metal fit! These old timers could teach a lesson or two to today's "gunsmiths!"

Monday, June 12, 2017

The Best of the Best--a new Westley Richards .577 nitro express

PH Basie Kuhn of South Africa is the proud owner of this new WR .577--a bespoke rifle made to his specifications. I don't have the details of this rifle but it is eye candy to be sure! I will be hunting on Basie's ranch in 2018 with Basie and Mark Sullivan. Basie will have this magnificent .577, Mark will have his custom Heym .577, and I will carry my vintage Wilkes .600. Enjoy the photos of this WR .577!

Thursday, June 8, 2017

.405 double

A mate from the net has a wonderful double in .405. Here is his nilgai from Texas. Stunning wood!

Sunday, June 4, 2017

Unique Watson Brothers

A gent sent in this pair of pics of a new double he just bought. A Watson Brothers .400-360 with a very unique forearm. At present I do not have any details of this fine double rifle. I hope the specifications and more pics follow. I suggested the owner contact Watson Brothers to see if they have any information on the for end as well as ledger info with the build date, etc.

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

2017 Alaska Double Shoot

Good day, all.
The 2017 Alaska double shoot was a great success. Gents came up from the Lower 48, Ukraine, and England to join the AK gents. 50 doubles, great food and fun for all. From now on, the shoot will be the first Saturday in May. Now you can plan to attend well into the future. Here are some pics:

A gent looks over Cal's table. From the bottom up: 4-8-10-12bore, 577 & 450 bpe

Ron's table. Right to left: 577 ne, 450 no2, 375, 450-400.

Rob's table sports a 4-bore single and an 8-bore.

Jonathan aims Cal's 8-bore Locke

Todd's table of Hollands

Hank's .475 no2, .577 Howdah, and a bpe.

Three Howdahs made it to the show.

Cal's table from right: 350 no2, .450-400, .450 no2, .500, .600, .450 bpe, .577 bpe, 12, 10, 8-, 4-bore.

Cal's .600 bites a visitor from North Carolian

.450 no1 bpe from Namibia

Thsi GE Lewis bpe in .450 no1 lives in Namibia. The wedge forend fastener and spur guard grip date this rifle to the 1870s.

475no2 from Africa

No doubt this Webley and Scott .475 no2 has seen lots of action. She has been if Africa for decades and still loves there--in Malawi.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

.450-400 double, unknown maker, rough shape but a dimond in the rough

A gent from overseas found this .450-400 well-used double for a very reasonable price. It needs a major facelift, makeover if you will, but is easily restorable to its original glory. Excuse the photos, but they are all I was sent when asked to evaluate this rifle for purchase. For the price quoted, I gave the rifle a strong thumbs up. They are out there--doubles that collectors would turn down but will make fine shooters for the rest of us.