Monday, February 13, 2017

.500 no2 bpe historical double rifle

It's time to move my .500 no2 Gye and Moncrieff double rifle/shotgun. Amazing history. You can read the details in the double rifles pages of my blog. Basically, a double rifle with original shotgun barrels, in the original two-tiered case with all the cleaning accessories and reloading tools imaginable. Rifle barels are 26" and the shotgun barrels are 32" with 2 1/2" chambers. This rifle has it all: cased, accessories, tools, complete history. This unique set won't be cheap but it is nearly one-of-a-kind. Note the engraving. Missing the name plate in the butt stock. I have many more pics if you would like them. I have some brass, also. She shoots well and I have shot clays with the shotgun barrels.
Price is $18,500.

February 14 update

Sorry for the delay in posting. My computer had a virus and it took away my ability to get to the edit page of my blog. Please check out the for sale pages and I've offered several nice rifles for sale and also one from a friend. 16-bore Westley Richards project gun, a .458 Model 70, a stunning .375 H&H takedown by Cogswell and Harrison, a .500 no2 historical double, 12-bore double, 10-bore double, and a friend's .500 no2 double.

I'd like to thank you all for your interest in my three books. They are selling well and it is my pleasure to sign them for each of you and also I've included lead bullets for my 4-bore just for giggles.

One more gun show in early March and then spring is around the corner. Lots of bullet casting and powder coating. By early summer I should have complete ballistic data for my doubles and powder coated bullets.

The Alaska double rifle shoot is on target for May 6. All are welcome. Please email me at for details. All are welcome. We shoot 10am to noon, break for an hour and grill some burgers and dogs, and shoot for another hour or two. At 4 is a get together in Anchorage for the shooters--just snacks and byob drinks. It is also the weekend of the AGCA gun show in Palmer if you want to take that in.

I will take some day trips to the Denali Highway for grizzly in late May and June (.450 no2 or .500) and then off to Africa in July. Plans are not set yet but I hope for elephant in Zim (.600) or plains game in South Africa (.350 no2) and then to visit friends in Zim for another week. August will see caribou in the Talkeetna Mts. (.450-400 or .577 bpe).

Cheers all and please send me pics of your doubles and your double rifle hunting pics for posting here. If any of you are interested in hunting South Africa or Zim, feel free to email and I'd be pleased to assist. I don't hunt much in the States but can definately recommend where NOT to go for elk!! (Unless, of course, you like road hunts with dozens of vehicles and 100+ hunters seen in the week you are there).

Until next time.

EM Reilly .500 no2 bpe for sale

A close friend would like to offer his Reilly .500 no2 bpe for sale. The no2 is a .577-500 on the 2 3/4" (approximately) case. Jones under lever, rebounding hammers, peninsula locks, 2-leaf folding rear sight, steel butt plate, near excellent bores, and 28" barrels. LOP is 14 1/2". This rifle is accurate and I can attest to that as I was a former owner. Tight on the face. A very plain rifle with no engraving. An excellent value as the price includes brass, dies and some lead bullets. Price is $6500. If you are interested, I can put you in contact with the owner and you can discuss details.

Saturday, February 4, 2017

.458 Model 70, control round feed from the 1990s

A new (or near new) in the box control round feed Model 70 Winchester super express. Looks 100% new. Heavy contour 22" barrel and express sights. Photos are from the internet but my rifle looks just a nice! Price is $1500. Must go to an FFF. Comes with the box, instruction booklet, soft sleeve.

Lang 10-bore ball and shot gun

This Lang 10-bore is a smooth bore for ball. The sight leaves all fold flat to use the front bead when shooting shot and individual leaves can be upright for ball or conical distances. 28" barrels non-reboudning hammers, Jones under lever.  Proper 10-bore proofs and also nitro proofs. The former owner stated to me this may have been one of a pair of 12-bore shotguns and long ago bored out to 10 gauge. However, the proofs are 10 and the rifle sights are correct. I've shot ball to 50 yards and broke clays and shot grouse with her! 2 7/8" chambers. Price $7500.

Westley Richards 16-bore project gun

As the title says this light 16 is a project gun. The gun is loose on the face and needs hinge pin work. This is not a problem for a good 'smith. The big thing is long ago a 2" section of the left barrel was blown out and replacement steel welded in. The added piece is twist or Damascus so it was done long ago. It is in there solidly but needs external filing to make it flush with the remainder of the barrels. The good news is there is enough barrel wall thickness so the exterior filing and a honing of the bore can be done (bores are rough). It's a project gun for sure but what a beauty it was when it was new and could be that way again. 30" barrels, non-ejector, very fine engraving. Made in 1889 and sold in France. Heel and toe plates and an outstanding piece of wood. OR--have new barrels made!! Weight is 6 pounds.
If this was a nice 16 it would be $7500. As this is a project is it priced right at $1600.

Williams and Powell 10-bore shotgun

A fine Williams and Powell 10-bore shotgun is for sale. 2 7/8" chambers, 28" barrels choked M & F. Weight is about 7 pounds so it is a light 10 for upland and pheasant hunting. Note the engraving. This is a plated box lock--side plates added for the engraving. Ejectors. Great bores! Price$ 5250.

.375 Cogwsell and Harrison TAKEDOWN

Forgive me for owning and posting a rifle with a single tube!

This rifle is in excellent condition! 26" barrel, sling eyes, cheek piece, recoil pad, and the rare and desireable take down feature. Made in 1926 for F. Hamilton Gordon at a cost of 25 Guineas. Three leaf rear sight and all features listed in the letter from C&H. Weight is about 8 1/2 pounds. Comes in a vintage oak and leather case. Scope is a Leupold 1 1/2-5x VXIII. The scope on this rifle long ago was a longer scope and there is space in the case for it but it was missing long ago. Desireable Griffin and Howe side mount. Price $8500..

12-bore double rifle for sale

Up for your consideration is my 12-bore double rifle by Whistler. Made about 1870, this 12 is quite heave at 11 pounds and fully rifled for a round ball. Teh powder charge is not given but I would guress 5-7 drams (136-192 grains) and a ball of 593 grains. Barrels are 26", express sights, sling eyes. Bores are semi bright, rifling is good and strong. Hammers are non-rebounding, wedge forend fastener, steel butt plate. This is the most accruate double I own--six shots in one ragged hole at 35 yards was shot at the 2016 double shoot here in Alaska with a good group of folks watching. I am selling this one as I have another. Shoots 35-40 grains of Blue Dot, 4 drams of FFFg and 5 drams of FFg with equal accuracy! Note the amount and quality of engraving!! Price $8500.

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

December 13, 2016 update

Good day, all.
-20 for the past few weeks so my powder coating experimentation is on hold until a low pressure front moves in and brings the temps up. When I get the load data as well as cohronograph data I will post here and also on Accurate Reloading forums.

Also, I just purchased a .577 Hollis bpe double (3-inch) and will take pics soon and post here. Our double shoot is set in stone for May 6 at te Birchwood range. Many from the flatlands of the Lower 48 are joining us. Remember all are invited. Shooting begins at 10, lunch is at noon, and more shooting after the meal.

Trying to decide on 2017 Africa hunts. A Zim hunt was cancelled so I will be looking to Zim again and maybe a plains game hunt in South Africa to try out my .350 no2 Rigby.

Not much to write in the dead of a cold dark winter here but after some shooting I will be here again soon. Please send in your double rifle pics and thanks all for looking.


A unique .45-120 double

Eric L. as finally received his treasured double rifle in the powerhouse .45-120. You mauy recall a few years ago Eric began his double quest with a gunsmith in Maine who did him a huge disservice. You can see the story in an earlier post here. It's finally done right now, and this double will be tested in the game fields of the world, I'm sure--at least on wild hogs in Texas to begin. Thanks for the pics, Eric!
PS. And, it's a side lock.

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Rigby 12-bore

Peter C. from a far off land sends these two photos of his Rigby 12-bore double, in its original case with mould and accessories. It is a pre 1870 double but with rebounding hammers--perhaps the earliest rebounding double I've seen. I don't know the specifications but she sure is a beauty. Not many nicer, that's for sure.

Monday, November 7, 2016

Double tools and moulds

A friend has numerous reloading items (some rifle, some shotgun) for sale overseas. Not all are priced yet, but if you see anything you like email me and I will put you in contact.