Tuesday, October 28, 2014

October 30 Update

Good day, all:
The good news is my new book, The Double Rifle Primer: how to know and do everything in the world of double rifles, is almost here. I have been informed the shipment is on a truck to Alaska. I will post soon with the details and ordering information. From the two advance copies that have been seen by a few here, the word is very good--a strong thumbs up!

Second, I will be publishing a quarterly digital magazine about double rifles after the new year. To see if it will be a success, I will make the first issue available free of charge to any and all. Expect future updates on this. Most important, if any of you have double rifle info--pics of your favorite doubles, hunt stories, historical info, please send it along as I don't want the new magazine to be all of my stuff. My ego is not that big and I don't want the magazine to be the double rifle world according to Cal. More on this later.

Last of all, I have been making some internet posts. Myself and two friends have been "ripped off" from an air taxi company. Feel free to read and contact me if you have any questions. If you know of the company, email me details as I'm sure I'm not the only one who had beed treated so.

Thank you all for looking at my web site. Please sending your double rifle pics, hunting photos with doubles, and I welcome anything for the new magazine.

This is to inform you of an unfortunate circumstance that happened two hunting friends and myself whilst hunting caribou in the arctic. Last week I filed a complaint with both the BBB and the Attorney General's office in Alaska against 70 North Air Taxi out of Deadhorse and the owner, Mike McCrary.

In a nutshell, the contract we signed and were bound to states if she shoot excessive animals we will be charged $1500 for an "extra meat haul". We were given different bits of information: one was that we are allowed only one caribou each, that we could take up to 4 caribou, and that a 5th caribou was "iffy" if an extra haul would be needed. If an extra flight was needed, it is certainly understandable to pay for an extra flight.

To make this short, we were charged for the extra flight but it was not needed. We were within weight limits for our three scheduled return flights to camp but were charged for a 4th flight that was not taken. The owner will not reply to my emails (3 of them) so I filed with the proper authorities. I do not have a receipt for the $1500. Mike operates a "cash only" basis for his charter flights. 

A prominent attorney looked at the contract and told me a company can't charge for a flight that was not taken. He will take my case for no charge if we go to court, but the AG and BBB are the first steps.

I should also mention here we and other hunters at Happy Valley were charged $2000 for the flight out and back for caribou. To my dismay I have spoken to other hunters who are charged a flat fee of $750 per hour for flight time. This equates to nearly 1/2 of our cost. Others were charged far less, too.

If any of you hunters have flown with 70 North and were charged for an extra flight feel free to contact me as you should have a refund coming if the flight was not actually taken. 

We were taken back by the level of professionalism of the 70 North outfit. The camp manager told us humorous stories of two groups of university paleontologists battling with each other in camp (U of Chicago and UAF), of being told we were not welcome in the office for food or drink as the college groups were there and took precedence, and, of course, the mis information and outright dishonesty of the "extra meat haul" fee.

Personally, it was an embarrassment to bring a prominent physician and the CEO of a large international company with me and be treated like this. 

This was the 4th year I have booked with 70 North and certainly be the last. I will look to other flight services in the area. There is no doubt my complaint will prevail but it is sad when a company puts a small profit ahead of integrity and honesty.

Cheers, mates.

Sunday, October 5, 2014

October 5 update

Good day, all. The good news is two-fold today. First, the Double Rifle Primer is somewhere on the Pacific in transit to my doorstep in Alaska. I received two advance copies and it looks great and the few folks who saw it gave it a strong thumbs up. Expected delivery is by the end of the month (but I won't be holding my breath as the crates must clear customs in California). I will post here upon its delivery.  Second is my new toy: a John Rigby box lock ejector with 26 inch barrels. I have been searching for a long time for a mid-sized double as my smallest double for 20 years has been a .450-400. This beauty is in .350 no2. The standard .350 shot a 310-grain bullet at 2150 fps, and the no2 version shoots a 225-grain bullet at about 2600 fps. Rifle will arrive just as snow flies but I will be putting my new shooting shed to use and be able to shoot all winter. The shed is a heated and wired and insulated 12x20 with a 4x4 sliding window facing my backstop at 50 yards. I can light a fire, slide the window open, take a few shots, close the window and repeat when needed. Life does not get any better in the 49th state.
Cheers, Cal

Cal's new double

Below is a Rigby .350 no2 box lock ejector with 26-inch barrels in its original case. I saw this rifle three years ago and it was love at first sight. I didn't think the owner wanted to sell it but the next year it was owned by a mutual friend. I hounded the new owner for nearly two years and he passed it on to me. It should arrive just in time for cold weather and snow but I will be developing loads for it with the lighter and faster 225-grain bullet from Woodleigh.

Scherping doubles

Mike V. send in the following pics of his Scherping doubles. Certainly fine examples of double rifles with European lines. Great calibers! From the top: .450 3 1/4 bpe, second down is a .350 no 2 Rigby, number three is a .500 2 3/4" bpe, and at bottom is a .500-450 bpe over and under.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Wolf 8x57

Charles Weller sent in this photo of his Wolf 8x57 with 68 cm barrels and a Zeiss 8x42 scope, made in 1991. I will replace the photo with an in-focus one if it arrives. Very nice double.

Friday, August 29, 2014

Cal's 2014 caribou

August 2014.
Cal hunted caribou 40 miles south of the Arctic Ocean with two good mates who also took three nice bulls. No doubt about it, the .450-400 is the medicine gun for caribou! Next month, moose!

Update August 29, 2014

Good day, all
Just returned from a good caribou hunt with the .450-400 in the high arctic. No grizzly but the highpoint was returning to camp the first day with a caribou head and antlers and seeing a big black wolf sitting and looking at the camp from a hill across the small river where we set up camp on a sand bar.

The Double Rifle Primer is at the printers with a shipping date for September 15. I expect sometime in October to have the books in hand.  The contents are as follows:
The Double Rifle Primer
How to know and do everything in the world of double rifles

Ch. 1 Why a double rifle 7 pages 4 photos
Ch. 2 Definitions, a dictionary 44 pages 76 photos
Ch. 3 Double rifle cartridges 12 pages 25 photos
Ch. 4 Double rifle makers, vintage years, 8 pages 23 photos
Ch. 5 How to buy a double rifle 11 pages 16 photos
Ch. 6 How to reload and shoot a double rifle 26 pages 28 photos
Ch. 7 How to clean and care for a double rifle 6 pages 5 photos
Ch. 8 Your double rifle 19 pages 11 photos
Ch. 9 How to sell a double rifle2 pages 0 photos
Ch. 10 Publications on double rifles 9 pages 0 photos
Ch. 11 Where can I get… (items for double rifles) 3 pages 2 photos

Ch. 12 Double rifles today 13 pages 38 photos

The book is 184 pages, hard bound, dust jacket, thick and glossy paper.
Price is 70$, with 15$ USPS priority shipping to US address, including insurance and tracking number.
However, if three copies are sent to the same address in the US I will cover the postage costs.
Also, if three copies of any of my books are ordered I will pay the postage to the US address.
How's that?

I will update in a month or so with the book's progress and I also will post information on the Accurate Reloading forum.
In closing, here are a couple of photos of my caribou. Thanks to all of you for looking at my site and your emails. Please send in pics of your double rifles and/or  game taken with them and I will post on the appropriate sections.

Monday, August 11, 2014

Greetings from Alaska, 8-11-14

Good day, all:

Summer is drawing to a close as the fireweed are blossoming to the top of the flower. I've been shooting several times a week but nothing new to report. In 10 days I depart for the high arctic and a caribou hunt with two mates. I hope to report back some success. In 5 weeks I should depart for the central part of the state and a moose hunt with a friend from the local school. Both hunts should see my .450-400 in action AND on the caribou hunt it will be grizzly season and I have a tag for a bear. I've seen grizzly each year I've been there but it has been prior to the opening of grizz season.

The best news, however, is my next book on double rifles, The Double Rifle Primer--how to know and do everything in the world of double rifles, is at the printer and I hope to  have copies ready to sell in two months. On my next update I will give the chapters, contents, photos, etc., as well as price and ordering information.

Cheers, all, and enjoy your summer.

A pair of Verney Carron doubles

Verney Carron of France sure makes a fine double rifle! Google them and check out their website--the workmanship, or should I write craftsmanship, is outstanding. Here is a pair of their doubles, .450 NE and .577 NE. For a large caliber double the price and quality is an excellent buy. VC also makes deer sized doubles and a friend in Kansas ordered one in 7x65 rimmed for deer hunting.

Ken Bush's Verney Carron .450 takes an elephant

Ken, who is the US importer for Verney Carron rifles and shotguns, took this fine elephant on the second hour of the first day of his safari. The rifle was a VC .450 nitro express double. I guess that leaves a lot of safari time for fishing and sightseeing!
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