Sunday, February 22, 2015

Cogswell and Harrison .450 cordite double

Clive Rew of the UK sent these pics of his new treasure. An outstanding Cogswell and Harrison .450 cordite double that was completed on October 24, 1906. A heavy rifle at 13 pounds and 11 ounces and proved for a 440-grail bullet and 65 grains of cordite. I hope she shoots as well as she looks, Clive. Thanks.

Alaska double rifle shoot

Below are six photos from the double rifle shoot in Alaska on May 4th. Typical Alaska spring day: 35 degrees, rain, spitting snow. Great burgers, chips, pop, fine double rifles, and friends. A few machine guns showed up to add to the show. Below are:
Ron's .577 A&N, .450 no2 Webley & Scott, .500 bpe Reilly
Chuck's .450 A&N
Chuck's .500 Boswell
Rob with two of his 8-bores
Rob's 4-bore Bland
Cal's .450-400 Harrison & Hussey, .500 bpe Reilly, .450 no2 Lang, .600 Wilkes, 8-bore Locke, 4-bore Hughes, .470 Lyon & Lyon.

Size matters! A rising bite Rigby and a 4-bore Rodda. Owned by a gent across the pond.

Perrins 8-bore

Below are three pics of a Perrins 8-bore with 11-groove rifling, a unique 20-inch barrel, and a weight of 19 pounds.

.450 3 1/4" Army and Navy nitro express

A mate whom I will be hunting in South Africa with in a couple of weeks sent in these pics of a .450 3 1/4" Army and Navy nitro express. 28" barrels and extractors with a new refinish, new case (old case if for photos), and has a history of African use: stopping a charging elephant, three buffalo, and a lioness, by the current owner. This rifle is for sale for about 15K.

Dickson 4-bore

A gent in a far off land send these two photos of his Dickson 4-bore. I don't have any additional info and no permission to use his name. However, this is ONEdouble that must be shared.

Holland 12-bore double rifle

Victor Alger sent in this pic of his Holland 12-bore double rifle, proved for a heavy charge of 7 drams and a conical bullet (1:48 twist) as heavy as 1100+ grains.

The Mother of all .600 doubles, Jeffery double .600

Below is the mother of all .600 doubles. The FIRST Jeffery double .600! Lever Over Guard and regulated for the 120-grain charge. An amazing and historical!

E. Paton and Son .450 3 1/4" bpe

E. Paton and Son certainly made a fine double rifle in this .450 3 1/4" bpe. John Moore sent the pics from New Zealand. The bottom photo shows a good illustration of Henry's rifling. The barrels are engraved: London Perth Inverness.

Army and Navy .450 3 1/4 nitro express, Suhl .318

Below is an Army and Navy .450 3 1/4 nitro express with ejectors and 26-inch barrels. Patow has killed some nice buffalo with this beauty.

Below is Patow's Simson of Suhl .318, with ejectors and 26 3/4" barrels.

Cogswell and Harrison

Below is a Cogswell and Harrison in the fairly rare .475 straight 3 1/4". 25-inch barrels, sidelock, non ejector. Another fine rifle in the city of Katherine.

A .256 with 25-inch barrels and a 1.5-4x German scope is on this Cogswell and Harrison double.

John Blanch double in .450 3 1/4. 26-inch barrels

A true work of art is this John Blanch double in .450 3 1/4. 26-inch barrels, ejector and a back action side lock.

Raick Feris double in .450-400 3 1/4-inch

While in Australia in July of 2013 I had the pleasure of meeting many fine folks--both old friends and new friends. I spent three days in the small town of Katherine which is about a three-hour drive south of Darwin. I had the honor of being the guest of Mark Paterson, aka Patow. We spent some time in the bush as well as seeing Patow's fine collection of firearms. 

Below are seven double rifles of Mark. Above each rifle is a brief description. The first pair of photos below is a Raick Feris double in .450-400 3 1/4-inch. Made in Leige, Belgium, it sports 26-inch extractor barrels and some gold work that is very well done. (I state this as I have seen a few double from India with gold work that looks like the engraver had his kids do the work).

Thanks, Patow, for the wonderful but too short visit. I hope to see you in Alaska in a year or two and allow me to return the favor. Good luck in Zimbabwe next month.

Here are a pair of photos of Patow's second Feris double. This one sports 25-inch barrels, ejectors, and in the great caliber .375 flanged.

My .600 Wilkes and a Holland and Holland Royal ejector

At the Big Game Rifle Club shoot in Darwin on July 20 I had the pleasure of seeing many fine rifles and meeting their owners. Below is a pair of .600s at the shoot. The lower rifle is my .600 Wilkes and the other is a Holland and Holland Royal ejector. Both rifles are proofed for the 110-grain charge of cordite. The Holland has 24-inch barrels and my Wilkes has 26-
inch tubes.

Howdah pistol

Peter Cameron sent in this pic of his fantastic Howdah pistol, cased with all accessories, in .577 Snider. Absolutely beautiful.

ball and shot guns

Jim Audette from the Accurate Reloading forums send in this pic of three of his ball and shot guns.

Watson Brothers .500 NE

Nigel's Watson Brothers .500 NE is shown below. It is identical to mine and only a few serial numbers apart. Made 1907. UPDATE: this rifle was just purchased by a mate here in Alaska, Dr. Brett Barringer. The doc is back in the world of double rifles ('bout time!).

Westley Richards .400-360, drop lock

Nigel sent in the Westley Richards .400-360, drop lock.

Horton .360 bpe

A Horton .360 bpe is shown below in all it's glory and original case. Also from Nigel.

Holland and Holland Royal in .375 2 1/2 inch original

A Holland and Holland Royal in .375 2 1/2 inch original with a set of after market barrels for .375 H&H. From the collection of Nigel Minton.

Jeffery in .577-500 magnum (3 1/8" case)

Pete Cameron sent int his pic of a wonderful Jeffery in .577-500 magnum (3 1/8" case). 

Thomas Bland .500-450 no1 express double rifle

Below, from Dr. Will Westlake, is a fine Thomas Bland .500-450 no1 express double rifle. The workmanship on these treasures is not equalled today.

Holland Royal in 7x65

Mauro Benitez of Argentina has some beautiful doubles and he would like to sell them. Below is his Holland Royal in 7x65. He also has a Rigby rising bite .400-359, a Manton .360 no2, and a Bazinger 8x57. One does not usually think of doubles and South America but the ARE there.

E. London 11-bore muzzle loader

Below is an E. London 11-bore muzzle loader from an anonymous gent in Europe. He should have great fun with this!

Merkel 9.3x74r

Sam Phelps' Merkel 9.3x74r is an outstanding choice for a young gent's first double.