Saturday, August 29, 2015

Zambia Buffalo

Zaheed Omar took this fine buffalo with a Krieghoff .500 nitro double in Zambia. He reports the area he hunts is produces some good bulls.

Jeffery .475 no2

A friend, Mark Sullivan,  leaves today for Tanzania and is taking his new Jeffery with him (along with his .577) for some buffalo hunting. You can see a three-part article I wrote on Mark's life and hunting in the African Hunter magazine. Part 1 is out, parts 2 & 3 in the next two issues.

Monday, August 10, 2015

12-bore double rifle

A gent from overseas sent these two pics of his Thomas Bland Euoplia 12-bore double rifle (ball and shot). It has been refurbished to perfection and it will be a short while before it is shot and hunted with.

Sunday, August 9, 2015

A few more pics from the July shoot

A gent visiting from New Zealand send up these pics he took at the July shoot in Alaska. Thanks, Mark.
Below are Cal's rifles. 4-bore and down the line to a .350.

Next is Rob's .577 Howdah.

Hand W. brought two fine doubles from his collection. This was Hank's first time at the shoot. Below is a Lancaster 8-bore and under that is a Rodda .450 no2.

Two shots with a 4-bore muzzle loader. Below is Mark G from New Zealand and then Doctor Ron.
Great fun for all.

Friday, August 7, 2015

Wood to metal fit on today's doubles

Below are two pics I took from the internet. The rifle is a Krieghoff I believe. Note the wood to metal fit. It sucks! modern makers, both doubles and other rifles and shotguns, state the proud wood is to allow future refinishing. I don't buy it! The vintage rifles has super tolerances in the fitting of the wood and this fit lasts through today. Refinishing does not equate to sanding so the wood does not have to be fitted above the metal surface. To expand, today's guns and rifles mirror the attitude of mediocre acceptance in this cheap throw away society. On the forums and catalogs, synthetic (plastic) stocks show zero workmanship as does CNC made metal work. Long live vintage double rifles from the UK!

August 8, 2015 update

Good day, all.
Not much news except lots of shooting at my home range and grouse season begins in two days. Seeing LOTS of spruce grouse when walking the dog in the am and afternoon. We had a great double rifle shoot oh July 18 but very few pics were taken and I forgot my camera! Below are only three that were sent to me. The shoot had three 4-bores, 5 8-bores, a 10 and 12, and 25+ doubles from .600 down to .350 no2 (three .350 no2 Rigby's showed up!).

Sunday, July 26, 2015

More pics of my return home via the Yukon Territory

These pics are from the same critters in the post below, just different views. Life in the north country is wonderful! I hope you enjoy seeing them as much as I did taking the pics and being there in person.

Returning home, May 2015 in the Yukon Territory

In June returning to Alaska I saw even more wildlife and super scenery. Black bears, a brown phase black bear, sheep, bison, and two grizzly bears.

Southeast Yukon and northwest BC--May 20154

Here are 23 pics I took on my war through the Yukon and north British Columbia in May of 2015. I saw 18 bears, sheep, moose, bison, coyote, and a great white wolf in the road. Enjoy!