Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Powell .500 bpe for sale

I've one more bpe double to offer for sale. A Powell .500 bpe from the 1870s with a copy of the Powell ledger page. What a rifle when it was new!!

W. Powell .500 black powder express, 1874. Number 47xx. $6000.
H.M. Surand, Esq. Our patent action central fire express double rifle with laminated stele barrels 28 inches long. Henry's patent rifling, taking Eley's .500 size 3 inch Boxer cartridge, 120 grains no 6 and express bullet. Our patent strikers, back action locks, bolted. Sights flush 1,2,3,4, 1st standing. Pistol hand stock. With ezra main springs, xxx spring and slide to action, brass mould and stick for paper. Best solid leather case with cleaning rod, bristle and wire brushes, jag and loop, sling. 100 Eley's express cartridges 120 grains. 8 3/4 pounds, Bartram's patent filler and lock. price: 39.14.
60% Damascus finish on barrels, excellent and shiny bores. Stock finish very good to excellent. 30% very fine engraving on action, no case colors remain. Unusual feature is on each striker is the word "loaded" when the hammers are pulled back.
340 grain bullet and 50 grains of IMR 4198 has a 3 inch group at 50 yards.

Custom .500 NE

A good mate in Zimbabwe had this rifle custom made for him. I don't have the names of those who worked on the rifle but it was 100% made in house in Sough Africa by a gent and his two sons, a SA woman did the engraving. Note the exceptional quality of the wood. Total cost was 12K USD!!! Pieter sold his Sabatti for an unbelievable price and turned the money (and a bit extra) for this gem.

June 10, 2015 Update

Good day all. I'm on my way back to Alaska from the People's Socialist Republic of Massachusetts. What a sewer of taxes, regulations, rules, etc., that place is. No shooting as I've been on the road for four weeks. I did see some nice doubles on the way (including 15 vintage .600s) and a friend in Zim has taken possession of a fine .500 NE double that was custom made in South Africa for him. You can see more pics in the double rifles section. Also, the next AK double rifle shoot will be Sat. July 18 at the Birchwood range. One gent can't make it on Sat. but most can from the survey I sent out on Accurate Reloading forums. I hope to have a .350no2 Rigby I'm importing and the usual selection of my boat anchors. More later and thanks for viewing.

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Webley .500 bpe and 12 gauge

Below are some pics a gent sent from Argentina for evaluation. He passed on the rifle but if the rifle was here I would buy it! A Webley .500 bpe with a set of 12-bore barrels, cased. Enjoy!

Alaska Double Rifle Shoot may 2, 2015

Here are some fine doubles from our shoot a few days ago. Enjoy!
Below: right to left: 8-bore Jeffery, 8-bore Locke, 12-bore Whistler, .450 no2, .375 takedown Cogswell and Harrison.

Below: left to right: .600 Wilkes, 4-bore Hughes, .500 Watson, .375 Cogswell.

Below two photos. Mike Brooks brought several of his fine doubles.

Brett's .500 Watson Brothers.

Dave's .577 bpe and a 10- bore flint lock.

Right to left: Rob's 4-bore Bland, 10-bore, 8-bore Bland.

Chuck's three fine rifles.

Chucks's .350 no2 Rigby.

May 2 Double Rifle Shoot in Alaska

Good day to all. Warm weather, no snow, no bugs (yet), and shooting daily.
The big news is the success of our double rifle shoot at the Birchwood range on Saturday, May 2.  20 regular double rifle men, 40+ fine double rifles plus a few single shots and machine guns, two visitors from the lower 48, cookout with great burgers, brats, and chicken, and a cloudless day at 60+ degrees made the fifth consecutive shoot a great success!. Some photos below for your entertainment. Please consider coming to our shoot next year and I will try to arrange a shoot for the end of June or early July if interest warrants. Look for more photos on the double rifle page.
Cheers, all, and keep your comments and double rifle photos coming. Thanks for all your positive comments on my books.

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

.600 in process

A mate is having a .600 made to order.  As you can see it's coming along well.

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Bland Euoplia 12-bore

A gent in Europe sent these pics of his Thomas Bland 12-bore Euoplia double. A rare piece with some African history! I don't know the details but the pics will dress up the site!