Friday, May 22, 2020

Book sales update Junw 3, 2020

Thanks to all of you who purchased one or two or all three of my double rifle books.
As of today's date I have the remaining books in stock:

.600 Nitro Express--15 copies remain

British Bore Rifle--SOLD OUT--no copies remain.

Double Rifle Primer--40 copies remain

When sold out there not be a reprint of any title. When gone, they're gone.

Again, thanks for the purchase and for the hundreds and hundreds of positive comments.

Wednesday, March 25, 2020

The finest Gibbs .450-400 on the planet.

Well, that may stretch it a bit but this Gibbs is an amazing rifle. The factory ledger list every gunsmith that worked on the rifle, his time and his charges. Mr. Gibbs himself supervised mounting the scoepe on the rib (long since gone). This treasure was found in Zimbabwe and it took three years to get it to me. Have brass to go with the rifle. Price $24,000

Rodda 12-bore double rifle, cased.

I bought this fine Rodda as it was a perfect match with my Rodda 4-bore. But, it's time to thin the herd. 24" rifled barrels and in the original case. Price $15,000.NOte cheekpiece and rebounding hammers.

Lang .577 howdah pistol, cased with tools and mould

Serial number 3 on the bottom strap. As fine a howdah as one can find with the positive of very heavy  barrels. Most howdahs have thin barrels but not this one. Shoots the Snider round. Price SOLD****

Gye & Moncreiff .577-500 and 12 gauge barrels, too!

The detaisl of this rare gun will be found if you scroll down. Just a quick reminder here it's still for sale. $17,500

One of a kind Scott shotgun in 8-bore with original 10-bore barrels

An unbeleiveable find! Fine wood and a top lever hammer gun. 36" 8-bore barrels and 32" 10-bore barrels. 100% original. Weight 14 pounds. Would make an ideal turkey shotgun! Price $16,500 Note the quality of the wood!

Watson Brothers .500 nitro express

This wonderful Watson was owned by Jack Lott and it comes with a letter to taht fact from Lott ro a former owner. 24" barrels, non ejector, fine engraving, weight of a proper 12 pounds. Price ***SOLD***

Lang 450. no2

One  of the finest doubles I've owned with some history of an early owner. 24" barrels, non ejector, and the finest piece of wood you can imagine. Accurate and in super condition. I've taken buffalo, giraffe and grizzly with this one. Price $35,000.

Original Weatherby .300 from 1949

From 1949 with a serial number below 300! On a Mauser action and in excellent condition and topped with a classy long range scope: Ziess 3-15x. Comes with four boxes of tiger bos ammo and brass, including one box on new unfired factory brass. Price $3000.

Marlin .30-30

Nothing fancy but a good bore and a good shooter. Price SOLD****to move this one. A standard octagon barrel, full magazine, crescent butt Model 1893.

Three Winchesters for sale

I am selling three very nice Winchester lever guns. I know this is for double rifles only but I wish to move the single barrel firearms also. Please forgive me.

Top is a 10-bore Model 1901 shotgun, 32" barrel and choked full. All original. blue is excellent and bore if very good with some pits on the breech end. Price $2250

Third down is a Model 1895 in .405 caliber. Excellent bore, crescent butt, and long Lyman receiver sight. The barrel is original Winchester but a fella told me this rifle letters as a .35. But, the barrel is original Winchester with the correct markings. Who knows? Price $2900

Bottom is a Model 1886 in .45-90. The standard octagon barrel cresent butt, full magazine westery rifle. Great bore and shoots well. Comes with an original 300-grain .45-90 Winchster bullet mould. Traces of case color remain on the receiver. An excellent 1886 in a great caliber! Price $5500

Flare gun and flares for sale

Webley brass 26mm (4-bore) flare gun for sale. Several flares included but I can't post them out of state. Comes with a second barrel with belled muzzle to protect the hand from the flash of the longer flares. WWI vintage and brass is it was used on a ship. Price $750

Rodda .577 Sinder double rifle for sale

In it's original case with lots of tools, the .577 Snider round is just the right big bore for white tail, black bear, and wild boar. Rebounding hammers, Jones under lever, 28" barrels. Email for additional photos. Price is ***SOLD***

Reilly .450 bpe for sale

As you have probably gathered, I'm selling off most of my firearm collection. Here is a nice Reilly .450 bpe in a Boswell case. The rifle fit the case with no modifications. 28" barrels and a bit under 9 pounds in weight. 14 3/4" pull and very accurate with a 350-grain Hornady bullet and 52 grains of IMR 4198. Price is ***SOLD***

Cogswell and Harrison .375 H&H takedown

A fine bolt rifle on a Mauser action by C&H circa 1920. 26" barrel and about 9 pounds weight. very accurate and I've taken her to Africa in the late 1990s for plains game. 3-shot magazine and the magazine cap is secured by a lever. Cheekpiece and cased. Price is ***SOLD***

.350 no2 Rigby for sale.

My fine .350 no2 Rigby boxlock ejector is for sale. With ballistices identical to a .35 Whelen this double is the most accurate I own. Six shots in 1 inch at 50 yards! 26" barrels, scope mounts and Leupold 1.5-5x Vari X-III. 14 3/4 pull, original case. Email for additional photos. Price is ***SOLD***

Friday, September 13, 2019

Manton .450-400

Jack Horner picked up this wonderful manton .450-400, 3-inch. The absolute best caliber for plains game as well as anything up to and including elephant. Manton firearms found their way to India and Southeast Asia and if you can look through the catalog, there is an impressive selection of everything and anything sporting. US as well as English guns, rifles and handguns, camping and fishing gear, etc.
Enjoy the pics of this Manton.

Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Double Rifle Safari 2019, part II, Botswana

After a wonderful week in South Africa I flew to maun, Botswana, to hunt for eight days with Jaco Visser of Nkwe Safaris. With 100% honesty I can state I would go no where else for plains game. jaco's concession is a family farm of 90,000 acres and the game is amazing. In three days we coutned over 40 kudu 50 inches and over, with the top two at 58. I will return there for a 60" kudu in a year or two.

Game taken were three warthogs, three gemsbok, two eland bulls, kudu, wildebeest, and impala. Look at the trophy quality of my photos and decide for yourself. Contact me if I can answer any questions. All 11 animals fell to one shot!

Highlights were day 3 for eland. We followed tracks for 90 minutes and came unaware on a group of bulls. I took a nice 37-38" bull. Walking back to the vehicle we spotted a second herd far away. Jaco has so many eland (gemsbok and wildebeest, too) he offered me a second bull at half price. bottom line is by 10 am I had two bulls down..

The next day was even better in gemsbok. I took a nice bull in the morning at 37". That afternoon a second at 39" turned out to be an old cow but with bases so large we thought it a bull. Driving to camp at last light Jaco offered me a third bull for camp meat and no trophy fee. Turns out he was 40 1/2" and an amazing bull! True to his word, Jaco gave me the trophy at no charge!

Enjoy the photos.

Double Rifle Safari 2019, part I, South Africa

A 100% hunt in South Africa with my .450-400 Harrison and Hussey double rifle, caliber .450-400 3-inch. Made in 1920 it was purchased by teh famous cricket player Douglas Jardine in 1934, the year he was married. Google him for a wonderful story on his bodyline tactic. Jardine was also a big game hunter and was in Rhodesia in 1957. He had cancer and also tick fever and died the following year. 

In South Africa, I hunted with Basie Kuhn the owner of Haakdoorn Safaris and also his manager, Johann Biewenga; both are SA PHs. I took six animals: impala for meat (non trophy), wonderful buffalo at 39" with great bosses, bushbuck, two warthogs (male and female), and a hartebeest at an amazing 25 3/4 inches--well up in Roland Ward. Enjoy the pics and do join me for a 2020 buffalo hunt with Basie and Johann. It's well worth the time and money.

Saturday, July 13, 2019

One GREAT buffalo!

Don H., a mate from Alaska, took this great buffalo in South Africa with a Zoli .450-400 x 3" over and under doubles. Everyone wants boss, width, curls and depth--and most get them. How absolutely rare to get an old warrior worn and broken? An amazing trophy in anyone's book! The two bullets show a perfect mushroom. Nice blue, too.

Cal demonstrates his tracking technique in Zimbabwe

Saturday, June 22, 2019

577 black powder express by Manton

Manton .577 bpe, 3” case, 6 drams. Cased with many cool accessories. Accurate with 65 grains of IMR 4198. Groups open a bit with 75 grains. 27” barrels, 14 1/4 pull, weight 11 1/4 pounds, 14 1/2” pull. Excellent bores and great history of the Captain Harrisson on the case lid.  Antique. I can supply some brass and bullets. Price: ***SOLD***.

10-bore double rifle by Manton

Manton 10-bore, 2 7/8” case. While not marked, I’m sure it is an 8 dram rifle. However I have shot 10 drams with no issues as the weight is a heavy 14 3/4 pounds. 14 1/2” pull and 26” barrels. Cased with lots of accessories. Excellent bore and very accurate with both ball and conical. A great shooter without the expense, weight, or recoil of an 8-bore. Reloading data and bullets available. Shoots black and Blue Dot very well. Price is ***SOLD***. Antique.

12-bore double rifle for sale

12-bore Baker double rifle, with case. 26” barrels with wonderful bores. 10 3/4 pounds wiht a 14 1/2” pull and a cheek piece stock. Jones under lever and exposed hammers. Shoots well with 50 grains of Blue Dot and a 600-grain ball or 40 grains of BD and a conical. I have some projectiles and brass to go with the rifle but the brass may need sizing as it is from another 12 I have. In the vintage days this was a 5 or 6 drams rifle. Price is ***SOLD***. Antique. Great choice for eastern states deer hunting where only shotguns are allowed.